Kenemuth Family Chiropractic

100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractor in Melbourne, FL 32901


Susan H
Satisfied Patient
I’ve been seeing Dr. Mike for over 15 years! He has brought me relief more than my orthopedic and pain meds ever could. He cares, listens and will do whatever he can to improve your health. It takes two. We as patients have to follow instructions and if we do that, we can find relief!”
John S
Satisfied Patient
“Dr. Mike truly makes the effort to understand each and every one of his patients concerns. He then carefully tailors a program that addresses the patients needs and his program not only treats the current discomforts but helps to address the root of the issue to stabilize the future health concerns of his patients. My family will always use Kenemuth Family Chiropractic and we will tell all of our friends to go there too. Thanks Mike for helping us to improve the quality of our daily lives.”
Beth L
Satisfied Patient
“Dr. Kenemuth and his staff were super welcoming and helpful. I suffered from low back pain off and on since my pregnancy 8 years ago. I recently injured myself working out. He provided amazing service and precise adjustments. I haven’t found a chiropractor that was successful in getting my low back to adjust in many years. Dr. Kenemuth is extremely professional, and is a very skilled chiropractor. I have worked for several chiropractors over the past 20 years and visited many others, he by far, exceeded my expectations.”
Jason K
Satisfied Patient
“Lifesaver! I had not ever had relief from a chiropractor in the past until a visit to Dr. Kenemuth. It was like he flipped a switch and my pain was gone. I don’t remember the procedure but he is one of three that do it in FL from what I remember. Nothing short of amazing. THANK YOU!!!!!”
Walter L
Satisfied Patient
“I have seen Dr. Mike for quit sometime now and he is definitely one of the best chiropractors I have ever worked with. I have been working with chiropractors about 30 yrs. and his professionalism is exceptional. The greatest compliment I can give him is by telling others about him”
J Lagasca
Satisfied Patient
“I trust my health and the health of my children to Dr. Kenemuth completely. The high level of chiropractic care that we receive at Kenemuth Family Chiropractic is unparalleled and Dr. Kenemuth is deeply committed to helping my family stay healthy. He works hard to stay up to date on new developments in the field of chiropractic care and shares his extensive knowledge with his patients. The “family” in the practice name is genuine. My children and I are treated like family and always with great care and compassion. I firmly believe that the chiropractic treatment that we receive from Dr. Kenemuth has improved the general well-being of my family, as well as the academic and athletic performance of my children – we all are happier after an adjustment!”
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